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Where Science Guides the Art of Leadership!

Taking the Lead and Shaping the 21st Century

In our interconnected world, where more than 60 megatrends set a framework for success and failure, affect the way we work, and influence multiple aspects of our life, we believe in developping leaders who:

Dream Big, Envision and Inspire

Think in broader contexts that transcend organisational-, market- and national borders because nationalism has no long-term solutions to global challenges. Do not go backward and announce retrograde visions by building big walls and fences but move forward through global cooperation and integration. Have the courage to question and challenge the status quo, expose the elephant in the room and open up difficult conversations. Encourage long-term gains even at the expense of the next quarterly return.

Get Things Done, Get Things Right, Do the Right Things

Manage diversity effectively. Guide and empower People. Realise that it is not people from other cultures who are taking jobs but robots and non-conscientious algorithms and, therefore, effectively deal with technological disruptions to empower the human collective and not only a small elite. Believe that education - not force - is the most powerful weapon which one can use to change the world. Seek evidence for continuous improvement and avoid promotions of “thin ideologies”.

Provide a Frame

Recognise and value good performance. Call out bad behaviour rather than ignore it. Challenge poor decision processes or poor leadership instead of turning a blind eye.

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