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Consultants - Scientific Advisors - Trainers - Coaches
Dr Daniel von Wittich
Dr Daniel von WittichCEO & Senior Consultant
Anne-Laure Egger-Dormond
Anne-Laure Egger-DormondCertified Professional Coach
Sonila Cela
Sonila CelaSenior Consultant
Giuseppe Conti
Giuseppe ContiSenior Consultant
Jennifer Picci
Jennifer PicciCertified Professional Coach
Thomas Gossart
Thomas GossartSenior Consultant
Dr Lammert Vrieling
Dr Lammert VrielingSenior Consultant
Pierre Douet
Pierre DouetSenior Consultant
External Scientific Advisors
Prof Hoffrage
Prof HoffrageScientific Advisor - Decision Making
Prof Yih-teen Lee
Prof Yih-teen LeeScientific Advisor - Cross-Cultural Leadership
Prof Felicitas Morhart
Prof Felicitas MorhartScientific Advisor - Marketing
Dr Raúl Barroso
Dr Raúl BarrosoScientific Advisor - Corporate Governance
Dr Michaël Gonin
Dr Michaël GoninScientific Advisor - Business Ethics

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