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Business Coaching

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Our Coachees
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Our Approach
1. Analysis
Together with the Coachee, we assess the:

A. Situation as perceived by the coachee

One of Nexion's coaches prompts the coachee to tell his or her story. Based on a proven methodology, the coach and the coachee explore and focus on:

 1. The situation at hand
 2. Thought patterns, Feelings and Reactions
 3. Hypotheses about causes
 4. Actions taken or contemplated 

B. Situation as perceived by superiors, peers, direct reports (optional)

The coach interviews business colleagues (e.g., supervisors, peers, and/or direct reports) to highlight (dis-)alignment between the situation as perceived by both the coachee and relevant others. Alternatively, the coach uses Nexion's online-evaluation platform to obtain an objective situational and behavioral analysis (Pre-evaluation).
2. Objective setting
3. Orientation
4. Monitoring
5. Appreciation & Evaluation

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