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Blended Learning

Creating a Save Space for Experiential Learning!
Explore and Practice Real-World Siutations
Without Risking Real-Life Business

Blended learning is and ideal way for people to learn and apply their knowledge, to test new skills, build their strength and to learn from their mistakes in a fun and safe virtual environment.
Change Management

Participants face the challenge of implementing an enterprise-wide, strategic change initiative. To understand how power and influence affect the ability to bring change to an organization, participants take the role or a middle manager or the CEO. In this single-player simulation, participants choose among up to 18 change levers as they attempt to move members of the organization along a four-step pathway from awareness to adoption.


Participants experience group dynamics and leadership through the dramatic setting of a Mount Everest expedition while playing one of five roles on a team of hikers. As they attempt a climb to the summit, students must reach individual goals while also sharing information to maximize group achievement.

Crisis Management

In this single-player simulation, participants must respond to a high-stakes product crisis. Customers are reporting accuracy problems with a newly launched product. Acting as product managers, participants receive a rapid series of emails, video messages, and voicemails about the problem. They must quickly process this information, assess the situation, and make recommendations about how to respond.

Project Management

In this single-player simulation, participants manage a project team responsible for delivering a competitive product. Participants must staff the project team, manage team process, and execute a project plan. Unanticipated events and challenges threaten the success of the project and force participants to consider possible tradeoffs among project resources to bring the new product to market on time, on budget, and ahead of the competition.

Strategic Innovation

Simulates the challenges around innovation and risk that face product development managers who need to: balance financial goals against the need to innovate; capitalize on new product market opportunities; and guard against disruptive technologies. Participants must evaluate resource requirements, product performance, investment timing, and end-market opportunities for new technology in the context of nebulous market information and constraining financial performance criteria.


This multi-player simulation immerses students in the complex world of oligopical pricing. Teams of participants are tasked with setting production levels with competing countries in order to maximize their cumulative profits. The simulation allows participants to explore the dynamics of cartels and competition, negotiation, best response, Nash equilibrium, and a variety of other negotiation and economic principles.

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