Leadership screening & selection

Training-needs & impact assessment

Self- & 360°-leadership assessments


Team assessments


Organisation assessments



Using objective data to select the right (change) agent who gets things done, gets things right, and does the right things

Our evidence-based screening, selection and assessment methodology enables you to:

 Define a talent-strategy road map

Align your hiring and promotion process with your organisation’s strategy and culture, identify gaps within your talent management systems, define actionable talent initiatives, and decide on talent investments to stay ahead of your competition

Attract, screen and select the right talent

Select the most effective and efficient tools and methodologies to attract, screen and select candidates that minimise type one error – ignore or falsely reject the right candidate – and type two error – attract and falsely accept the wrong candidate

Integration & performance management

Engage and set your selected candidates up for success from day one by providing the right information, tools and resources to unlock their full potential in your organisational context


Results-based people development reduces your costs, increases goal commitment and drives long-term value

Train for impact

Using strategy driven and objective data to identify and select current and future development areas that drive long-term value. Make the results of your employees’ learning efforts visible and measurable. 

How results-based are your

human-resource-development programmes ?

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Nexion is your partner in designing and implementing a results-based, human-resource-development process


Performance predictive self-assessments at your fingertips

Personality Inventory

Gives you valuable insight into how people work, how they lead, and how successful they will be in their work environment.

Application areas

Talent acquisition
People development
Staff deployment
Succession planning
Team analytics

My Value Insight

Understand what motivates people to succeed, and in what type of context they will be most productive.

Application areas

Talent acquisition
People development
Staff deployment
Succession planning
Team analytics

Charisma Insight

Assesses leaders’ current charisma level and provides practical pointers on how to become more influential and inspiring.

Application areas

Talent acquisition
Leadership development

Develop your leaders with 360° feedback

360° Leadership

Helps leaders at any level of the organisation gain insight into how they are perceived by supervisors, peers, and direct reports to become more influential.

Application areas

Leadership development
Staff deployment
Succession planning

Feedback Culture

Provides the insight necessary to create a feedback environment that drives creativity, effectiveness and efficiency.

Application areas

Leadership development
Team development
Change management

Competency Insight

Evaluate the mix of skills you and your colleagues need to become a well-sized, diverse, and high-performing team.                                                                     

Application areas

Talent selection
Team analytics
Personal development
Skill outsourcing
Staff deployment
Succession planning


Define strategies to help teams achieve full potential

In close collaboration with multiple organisations, Nexion has designed Team Tool to help teams understand and leverage key-performance, -value, and -process drivers

Nexion’s Online-evaluation platform, Team-Tool Report and Team Canvas enables teams to:

Team selection

Select the right team member(s) who get things done, get things right, and do the right things for your team 

Estimate in- or outsourcing cost/benefits 

Analyse (prospective) team members’ task knowledge, team skills, adaptive attitude, and personality traits to identify team strength and development areas 

Team design

Form or develop a high-performing team that is of ideal size and diversity

Define the mix of skills and skill complementarity your team needs to achieve full potential 

Clarify roles, responsibilities, accountabilities

Team performance

Establish base-line performance data and key-performance, value, and process indicators

Ensure that team members are proactive, agile, and resiliant

Empower your best team members

Improve communication, coordination, and vertical as well as horizontal alignment

Give leaders more time to focus on strategy development


Use strategy driven KPIs, KVIs, PPIs to effectively steer organisational change