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Learning units, modules, and programmes

Learning units are specific topics of interest. Nexion is your trusted partner in designing and/or combining existing units in order to create a customised and coherent learning module. A learning module provides your participants with actionable knowledge and tools that can be immediately applied in their organisational context. Typically, the duration of a single learning module ranges from 4 hours to 4 consecutive or sequential days and multiple learning modules constitute your fully customised learning programme, which is:

  • Strategy driven to ensure that learning is relevant for achieving current and future objectives
  • Co-designed to identify and adapt the learning content to your organisational context
  • Cost-effective to provide maximum value for your budget
  • Evidence based to ensure learning that drives impact
  • Measurable to get relevant insights at the individual, group and organisational level and allow for cross-programme comparability and effectiveness



E-learning Solutions > Web-based learning solutions

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Facilitation, Retreats & Speaker Assignment



Number of experts

Tools (Assessments at the individual, group and organisational level)

Type of facilitation (Dialectic approach, Peer learning)

Type of retreat

– Strategic retreats

– Round table discussions

– Strategic facilitation on lake Geneva


– How do we handle a large number of participants > Cohorts

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Advisory Services & Coaching

Selection process optimisation

LN identification  > Training Design (in line with Vision and strategy) > Training 

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Create experimental designs and link learning to impact

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